Dr. Franz Graf-Stuhlhofer

Robert K. Merton über das Buch "Lohn und Strafe in der Wissenschaft"

Robert K. Merton (1910-2003), oft als Begründer der Wissenschaftssoziologie bezeichnet, schrieb mir in einem Brief (19.April 1989) über das Buch:

"... I distinctly recall having read your book when it arrived, over a period of a week or two, and finding it by all odds the best informed and thoughtful interpretaton of the reward system of science, viewed historically, that I know.
As you might suppose, your book resonated for me from its very title, through the table of contents and text, to your originally conceived index of subjects and recapitulation. ...
I need not single out sections of your book which interested me most - for, in truth, I found myself keenly engaged by just about every one of them. ... Still, it was your Part IV an ‘Strafe’ which most often brought entirely new thoughts to mind. ...
I would like to see your book translated into English and thus become more widely accessible to the exclusively English-reading public. ..."